Engage Globally supports community-led conservation and education. We collaborate with local leaders who have innovative and effective ideas to overcome challenges in their communities. Our funding and technical assistance empowers communities to educate their youth, to conserve environmental resources, and to pursue sustainable development goals. We focus on long-term partnerships that create sustainable change. We hope you will learn more about our programs by visiting our gallery of photos and following us on social media. Below are descriptions of our current priorities.

Providing Educational Opportunities in Northern Ghana

In five rural villages, Engage Globally works to expand educational opportunities and to promote sustainable development. Collaboration among traditional leaders, a women’s group, a youth team, and many community volunteers has created effective and sustained projects that have positively impacted hundreds of participants. Current projects include:


Etisan, who is five, is from the village of Taha in Northern Ghana. She told the community leaders “I want to go to school, I like learning.”

Early childhood schools: In 2015 our community partners completed construction and opened the first early childhood school in the region. Serving over 40 youth ages three to eight during the school year, the building also became a community center with soccer teams; adult literacy classes; a tree planting program; youth volunteer projects, cultural events; and many other activities. Each student receives a school uniform sewed by our vocational training graduates, school supplies, and instruction in both Dagbani (the local language) and English (the national language).

Decline in rainfall has led to serious food shortages, but the community was able to use the school to provide lunches for every student and emergency food distribution to address malnutrition of children under age 5.

A second school, in a nearby village, is being constructed with room for 60 more children. Engage Globally is prioritizing raising funds for the completion and operation of the new school to fulfill the dream of education for these youth and their families. Community members volunteer their time for construction of the school and materials are purchased locally.

Funding Scholarships for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students:  For the last three years Engage has helped 35 youth to successfully attend middle and high school for the first time!  Scholarship recipients receive school and test fees, uniforms, books, and bicycles so that they can commute to schools that are located far from the villages.  The students are monitored for attendance and grade performance and all are encouraged to participate in community service activities. Because of the success of this initiative and the passion these students have for learning, many other students now would like scholarships to attend school. Engage is committed to funding the education of these highly motivated youth.


For information on other efforts or to propose a project based on your own engagement with global communities, please contact us at [email protected].